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  Website Design, Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Print, Multimedia, Audio & Video Production.
  • We provide services in competitor research, analysis and marketing analytics.Be assured, your competitors - the smart ones - will find you and they will often plan how to market against you.
  • Copywriting for website, print, advertising, corporate video, multimedia.An "eye for art" in copywriting means using words that grab attention and placing them where they will attract interest.
  • Website design, back-end database solutions, shopping carts.This isnít just a matter of putting up text and graphics. Itís a matter of building every beneficial element into the site to make the intended viewer comfortable, pleased and energized.
  • Video production, editing, color-grading, storyline development, format conversion.We keep on track and on message, avoiding the runaway artiness that, however whimsical and delightful, may distract from the core intent and meaning of the video.
  • Graphic design services: brochures, corporate identity, display ads, posters, and more.Whether you need brochures, instructions, books, or display ads, we will be there with the copy and graphics that make your message clean, clear, and easy to grasp.
  • Search engine marketing, optimization, broadcast, radio, television advertising and marketingWell, we certainly hope so. That is our business and there are few instances that are the exception.

Company Profile

SEARCH ENGINE FOUNDRY is located in Boardman, Ohio and serves clients throughout Northeast Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and beyond.

Since its establishment in 2006, Search Engine Foundry has helped clients in healthcare, hospitality, recreation, retail, law, education, science, manufacturing, real estate, and technology markets.

Search Engine Foundry Corporate Profile.

Our creative and strategy team is a unique blend of geeks, art majors, and advertising gurus who command an extraordinary set of skills that is second to none. Some of the areas where we have left our creative footprint are:

- Branding
- Reputation Management
- Website Design
- Competitor Research & Analysis
- TV & Video Production
- Radio
- Print
- Multimedia, and more

Search Engine Foundry is resolved to be in the top tier. There probably is no such thing as the absolute "one-size fits all best", but we have emerged as an operation eminently worthy of consideration for companies serious about their communications programs, whether it involves marketing technical information and service; or content and information acquisition and marketing.

Search Engine Foundry, A Digital Arts, Applications and Engineering Company™


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