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  • We provide services in competitor research, analysis and marketing analytics.Be assured, your competitors - the smart ones - will find you and they will often plan how to market against you.
  • Copywriting for website, print, advertising, corporate video, multimedia.An "eye for art" in copywriting means using words that grab attention and placing them where they will attract interest.
  • Website design, back-end database solutions, shopping carts.This isnít just a matter of putting up text and graphics. Itís a matter of building every beneficial element into the site to make the intended viewer comfortable, pleased and energized.
  • Video production, editing, color-grading, storyline development, format conversion.We keep on track and on message, avoiding the runaway artiness that, however whimsical and delightful, may distract from the core intent and meaning of the video.
  • Graphic design services: brochures, corporate identity, display ads, posters, and more.Whether you need brochures, instructions, books, or display ads, we will be there with the copy and graphics that make your message clean, clear, and easy to grasp.
  • Search engine marketing, optimization, broadcast, radio, television advertising and marketingWell, we certainly hope so. That is our business and there are few instances that are the exception.

Competitor Analysis Services

In order to compete, you need to understand your competitors and how they compare with you!

In order to compete, you need to understand your competitors and how they compare with you!
Do you understand your competitors?

This doesn't apply only to the measures of their products and services. You have to pay attention to how they market themselves. This isn't news to the people who have undertaken to understand the business models, strategies and tactics of their competitors. What may be news is that competitors apply this to their web-marketing, but with uncertain effect.

The tendency to model a web marketing program on a print and shoe leather template is very natural - but not so naturally successful.

Your most sophisticated competitor may not be doing so well, often because they blindly assume that web marketing is an IT (Information Technology) function and that the web operates similarly to their accounting and inventory systems. Likewise, newer, seemingly ungainly operations just may have the savvy to approach search engine marketing, using a service such as ours, to mount unforeseen and all too effective challenges.

It should be noted that you can lose sales to products serving the same need as well as products that are similar to yours - the classic case of oil versus coal. The same principle applies - asking not just "What?", but "Why?"

In short, Search Engine Foundry understands how internet marketing has to operate to ensure that you gain a strong competitive position in web marketing - and then applies that knowledge on your behalf. We will seek out the metrics of your strengths and weaknesses to improve you penetration and market share while enhancing your profit margin.

Your competitors - the smart ones - will find you.
We understand not only how to reach policy friends ...

Your competitors - the smart ones - will find you...

Be assured, your competitors - the smart ones - will find you and they will often plan how to market against you.

You will definitely want your clients, customers, constituents or anyone else you are TRYING to communicate with find you as well, and give them the reasons to find you. These will vary and the search engine optimization strategy will vary accordingly.

We understand not only how to reach policy friends, but also how to effectively benefit from the activities of policy foes to ensure interest in your agenda - and move it forward.


Competing Internationally

Search Engine Foundry is studying the similarities and dissimilarities in domestic and international search engine marketing strategies.

Just as intellectual property, Health Safety and Environment (HSE), and other issues impact different countries, free trade areas and economic communities; internet marketing will vary as well. One natural prospective risk in conflicting legislation. China, PRC blocks all mention of China, Taiwan. However, it may be necessary to disclose "national and international content" in marketing, thus mandating the use of "Taiwan" on certain web pages.

Competing Internationally

Even in Western Europe there is the issue of bundling - or more accurately, unbundling - software. In NAFTA (United States, Mexico and Canada), Windows Media can almost be assumed to available at nearly an instant on everyone's computer. In the European Economic Community, not only will it have to be "de-bundled" and then reintegrated, but there is a likelihood of an expanded group of competing media software providers. All of this, in addition to the "zoning" of DVD replay, will introduce a greater need for inter-operability acumen.

Beyond this, and operating just as critically, is the issue of cultural sensitivity and colloquial language usage.

Search Engine Foundry works with native speakers for translation and localization of websites, developing marketing, and communication materials in such target languges as Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Polish, Russian, and will continue to develop capabilities in others.

Competitor Analysis Services by Search Engine Foundry.

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