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  • Copywriting for website, print, advertising, corporate video, multimedia.An "eye for art" in copywriting means using words that grab attention and placing them where they will attract interest.
  • Website design, back-end database solutions, shopping carts.This isnít just a matter of putting up text and graphics. Itís a matter of building every beneficial element into the site to make the intended viewer comfortable, pleased and energized.
  • Video production, editing, color-grading, storyline development, format conversion.We keep on track and on message, avoiding the runaway artiness that, however whimsical and delightful, may distract from the core intent and meaning of the video.
  • Graphic design services: brochures, corporate identity, display ads, posters, and more.Whether you need brochures, instructions, books, or display ads, we will be there with the copy and graphics that make your message clean, clear, and easy to grasp.
  • Search engine marketing, optimization, broadcast, radio, television advertising and marketingWell, we certainly hope so. That is our business and there are few instances that are the exception.

Copywriting Services: "The Art of Word"

Search Engine Foundry addresses the issue of how to talk to search engines and people at the same time.

We pay close attention to the motivational aspect of web page users. Part of this is taking advantage of the first 2 to 6 seconds people will give you to draw them in and part of this is in providing a layered presentation of content to keep their interest.

Selecting text for highlighted attention is important.
Selecting text for highlighted attention is important.


The most basic level of interactivity is a logically organized web site. There are fewer better ways to discourage return visits than to have someone aggravate themselves trying to get to what they are looking for. Cascades of web pages fail; indexes fail; and search engines fail. They also succeed when the organization is done well. One way or another, the site has to be designed with easy interactivity in mind. Search Engine Foundry can drill down to expose context and information for ready access to the human user.

Content Creation:

Content Acquisition and Management is an important step in consolidating information. Deciding how to serve up that information requires an eye for art and an ear for conversation. You already understand that an "ear for conversation" means knowing the way the people in the market talk: vocabulary, phrasing, point and counterpoint.

An "eye for art" in copywriting means using words that grab attention and placing them where they will attract interest. Selecting text for highlighted attention can be more important graphically than placing graphics, as anyone who has been to a picture rich but text destitute site can attest. Search Engine Foundry keys in on the text communication that ties the whole page together.

It's not what it meant to say, it's what it actually said!

What goes into excellent technical and scientific communications?

Organization and precision to start. Sure, the lead-in should be a throat grabbing killer, designed to concentrate the mind. But, soon thereafter, the process of circling in on precise and accurate descriptions needs to start. The reader and viewer need a good sense of how information will be provided so they know what to expect and where in the narrative to look for information. If they feel snowed, they won't buy the product; and if they are unable to focus, they won't use it correctly - blaming the manufacturer in the process.

Is "almost" precise enough in marketing?

Understand the specifications early in the game.

These prompt the question of why one set of specifications were selected over another. Products and processes are engineered and engineering is a matter of balancing issues of performance, supporting infrastructure and price. That doesn't mean writing the technical manual or scripting the video presentation to flood the reader with specs. It means using the information in the specs to convey how the product was optimized to the user's benefit. For example, a highly powered pump may move lots of fluid fast, but a pump powered by 110 volt A/C current will be more easily operated out of a standard circuit - and thus more easily installed and used, and less susceptible to power variations.

Testing the information created.

It's not what it meant to say, it's what it actually said. Proceed step-by-step through the process, looking for ambiguities and even errors. (Yes, errors do creep in.). Try to be obtuse, asking not only "How can I do this right", but also "How can I do this wrong?", then make sure you can't do it wrong. Balance against this, remember that waving too many red flags turns them into an invisible mass and reduces the effectiveness of the cautions and warnings. Keep stark warnings as low as reasonably possible and encourage the media user to understand and control the risks by understanding the product.


What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of writing the words that promote a person, business, opinion, or idea. It may be used as plain text, as a radio or television advertisement, or in a variety of other media.

The main purpose of writing a marketing copy, or promotional text, is to persuade the listener or reader to act - to buy a product or subscribe to a certain viewpoint.

Alternatively, copy might also be intended to dissuade a reader from a particular belief or action.

Content Management

You are probably bewildered by the very phrase "Content Management" and thinking, "Why ever would content management be an INTERNET issue? Shouldn't that stuff be resident on OUR computers and severely fire-walled against the outside world?"

Technically, the difference between your computer and internet is often tenuous at best.

Among the host of wire (including fiber optic) and wireless connections between workstations, servers and the World Wide Web, the only difference between "internal" and "external" is the design and execution of the barriers. External servers can often be more secure than internal servers because ethical hosts regularly keep updated on anything that can compromise security.

What is the strategic advantage of having Search Engine Foundry handle content management? The top of our list would be that we are generalists with a great facility in internet technology. We look at what you want and need to share and with whom - preserving proprietary and contractual confidentiality while drawing as much productive internet marketing attention to you as possible.

Are your customers energized and inspired by your marketing materials?

Search Engine Foundry analyzes, develops and manages the tools needed to make these assessments as error free and effort free as possible. The execution on this will vary. A small operation will likely find itself simply sharing information with us and the effort can be approached at a leisurely pace and still catch the nuances expertly. For larger organization there will be constant management and review. We will aggressively look for unresolved issues, methods needing improvement and, often enough, some non-automated decision making.

We design systems to resolve routine issues by automating the processes. However, no living business operates without the use of thoughtful people making important decisions. In most cases, we have the acumen to make these decisions; and in some to consult with our client. Business and professional enterprises have to operate in difficult environment required a lot of both focus and peripheral vision. Search Engine Foundry is an excellent partner in designing and executing content acquisition and management systems. These keep prospective purchasers and users motivated, informed and interested in maintaining a continued relationship with your enterprise.

Copywriting for websites.

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