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  • We provide services in competitor research, analysis and marketing analytics.Be assured, your competitors - the smart ones - will find you and they will often plan how to market against you.
  • Copywriting for website, print, advertising, corporate video, multimedia.An "eye for art" in copywriting means using words that grab attention and placing them where they will attract interest.
  • Website design, back-end database solutions, shopping carts.This isnít just a matter of putting up text and graphics. Itís a matter of building every beneficial element into the site to make the intended viewer comfortable, pleased and energized.
  • Video production, editing, color-grading, storyline development, format conversion.We keep on track and on message, avoiding the runaway artiness that, however whimsical and delightful, may distract from the core intent and meaning of the video.
  • Graphic design services: brochures, corporate identity, display ads, posters, and more.Whether you need brochures, instructions, books, or display ads, we will be there with the copy and graphics that make your message clean, clear, and easy to grasp.
  • Search engine marketing, optimization, broadcast, radio, television advertising and marketingWell, we certainly hope so. That is our business and there are few instances that are the exception.

Internet Marketing Services

Search Engine Foundry is a master in search engine marketing & optimization.

Search Engine Foundry is a master in Search Engine Marketing.
Marketing: The sum of all moving parts.

This doesn't mean we can guarantee you the #1 spot on all keywords, but it does mean we can go head to head with anyone else in the top tier of the business.

You can't fight a Maxim Gun with a Harquebus and hope to win even close to 100% of the time.

I want to be found!

Well, we certainly hope so. That is our business and there are few instances that are the exception. Be assured, your competitors - the smart ones - will find you and they will often plan how to market against you. You will definitely want your clients, customers, constituents or anyone else you are TRYING to communicate with find you as well. Let's look at reasons you would want to be found. These will vary and the search engine optimization strategy will vary accordingly.

Marketing Products & Services - Search Engine Foundry Marketing.

Products And Services:

We are speaking here of selling, i.e. "activities engaged in to bring about an exchange of value". Search Engine Foundry seeks valid prospect "hits" from directories, search engines, and - not the least - prospective customers. Whether you have new products for sale, refurbished and warranted goods, or used equipment sold "as is, where is", we can project the availability in the right market window with the longevity that best serves your sales program.

When you have services, such as: manufacturing outsourcing, temporary employment, or seasonal contracts; we can plan and expedite an effective web marketing strategy.


These are educational, civic and service organizations and professional societies. The "sales" / "advocacy" IS the content, usually freely made available to all members and at least hinted it to participants who are not yet members.

Marketing Communities - Search Engine Foundry Marketing.

Often the challenge is to ensure that these communities can be found, and once found a means is established to expedite involvement in their activities - at the local, state, national or international level. This presents one of the most complex problems of search engine marketing (because some information is restricted only to participating members). This is one of the advantages of using a content management adept company like Search Engine Foundry.

Policy Making Operations:

These are organizations geared towards affecting the course of the culture, social organization and political thrust of both the electorate and office holders. They may focus on a single agenda issue, such as cancer research or civil rights.

Policy Making Operations in Search Engine Marketing.

They may have general organization objectives, such as seeking living trust bequests for a diversified foundation, or electing a slate of candidates. In all cases, it is important to know how to reach prospective supporters.

We understand not only how to reach policy friends, but also how to effectively benefit from the activities of policy foes to ensure interest in your agenda - and move it forward.

The methods we use encompass site building, search surveys, competitor research and analysis, paid sponsorships, and a lot more. Sites should be tweaked when an algorithmic shift is detected. Those algorithms, being proprietary processes, are customarily not published. Occasionally hints are press released to create some PR buzz. However this aspect of search engine marketing is generally a matter of pattern recognition and testing.

Search Engine Submission by Search Engine Foundry.

Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission isn't a matter of just shotgunning search words. It requires an intricate understanding of how precisely you have to press, within the limitations of the size of the site, for search engine ranking.

The "engine" part of a search engine is a good reminder that we are talking about machines. Just as you don't put oil in the gas tank and transmission fluid in the crankcase; and you remember that it's a good idea to hook up the spark plugs, you won't get any bang or traction with poor search submission strategies and efforts.

Search Engine Foundry keeps current on the nature of search engines and what drives them. Some of this is science, like measuring frequency; and some of this is more of an art, like tuning a horn. What it involves is selecting the right mix of words and phrases to reinforce the core application of your web-site.


Process control in an environment of ever-changing processes

Anyone who has heard of lean manufacturing and 6-sigma as something other than buzz words knows that quality takes full time commitment. This is particularly true when standards are ever shifting and under the control of the qualifying enterprises. Search engines are as unrelenting in setting what they consider ever higher standards as any enterprise going. Frequently, they gauge right.

Search Engine Foundry provides the constantly tracking, full-time service you need to keep abreast of developments and ensure accuracy in search engine marketing and search engine optimization. We also keep abreast of market trends to accurately reflect most up-to-date presentation of our clients' capabilities.

It's not just that good isn't good enough; it's that good today may be merely tolerable tomorrow - simply from the change in the ranking of search parameters. As was noted, "Frequently, they gauge right." This means that we won't have to sacrifice legitimacy of content for high rankings. Still, there can be constant tweaking and specialized resubmission required when a new algorithm signature emerges. We do this through persistent checking of results and tracking an accumulating expert databases over time, technique and search engine technologies. We establish the "desirable" and the "doable", working with the latter and towards the former. While we sometimes can rocket a client quickly to the top, it is more commonly the case that we are waging a prolonged siege. This is one of the reasons we are so intense in determining your objectives, capabilities and business plan.

We can also track selected competitors. This can provide feedback not only on comparative web marketing effectiveness, but on where you may find comparative strengths for market projections for production and materials requirement planning. Sometimes your sales come in a few at a time and sometimes they fall your way in an avalanche. No exact formula fully relates rankings, hits, reads, and sales, but almost any foresight is a beneficial.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the construction and modification of a web-site to be search engine friendly. The site must accord with the methods employed in screening it and ranking it, which vary from search engine to search engine. The "optimization" is a never ending balancing act, very much like riding a bicycle on a tight rope. Generally speaking, to stand still is to fall.

What goes into search engine optimization? Some methods that are common knowledge and some that are proprietary. Keywords is a good, well known, place to start, but that in itself does not assure success at all. In fact, keyword stuffing is the surest way to get you banned from the search engines.

It's important to have some idea what terms you expect people looking for you to search under. The more professional the searcher, e.g. a product engineer or purchasing agent, the more you need to evaluate how they will progressively undertake a search.

These people will most likely use the "advanced search" functions, selecting not only keywords, but also top level domain, language and whatever other parameter is likely to make the search efficient. If your customers are non-professional, you will need to understand what prompts them to seek your product. If you are selling "Puffs" (Proctor & Gamble) tissues, it's a good idea to know that a lot of people will key in "Kleenex", a trademark of Kimberly-Clark, and plan to ethically deal with that.

What about analytics?

Most website traffic reporting and analytics is first of all a function of a website host, their inherent web traffic reporting system, and their flexibility in allowing the web developer or marketer to create specific reports. Google for example, offers free Google Analytics (formerly Urchin) which utilizes page tagging technology to track visitor behavior, and WebTrends® offers its excellent host-based WebTrends Visitor Intelligence suite.

Search Engine Foundry offers comprehensive set of reports about past, present, and predicted future rank to all of its clients. Only a stringent adherence to accurate reporting provides for an honest accounting of all search engine marketing and optimization programs conducted on behalf of our clients. Such comprehensive reports effectively detail upward and/or downward shifts in the client's website position ranking.

Search Engine Marketing in search engines and social media.

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